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K'Anyị Bulie Omenala Anyị Elu!
DATED: 1/14/2019

Dear Members and Supporters of Umu Igbo Unite Los Angeles,


Happy New Year, and may God grant you and your families blessings and prosperity throughout the year.

I am writing to convey my utmost appreciation and sincere thanks to all of you as we wrap up an eventful 2018 and shift our momentum into the next calendar year. As the past twelve months have been marked by noteworthy achievement and change, I believe we have many reasons to take pride in our accomplishments, and to anticipate future growth and attainments for UIU-LA this year.

Upon running for president, I knew there were plenty expectations to be met and fulfilled. Now that I have been granted the opportunity, I am continuously filled with the motivation, excitement, and drive to serve the people and the community of UIU-LA with our message of “Anyu wu Otu”, meaning “we are one”, as my primary foundation. 

The Igbo language will never die. As an organization, we should not accept the failure of ndi-igbo because we are proud to express our tradition and who we are through our culture everywhere we go. We must also educate our non-Igbo friends and family about our culture to ensure that they understand the value of our language. 


Throughout the duration of this year, there will be a great amount of fun and educative events within the community that will help our young Igbo professionals in the diaspora. For example, we are looking forward to hosting a FIFA Tournament, a Volleyball Tournament, and many more events to come.

In conclusion, our priority now is gaining the commitment of our members for the advancement, growth, and productivity of the organization that the community will see firsthand. Our leadership team will always be around to answer any questions at each meeting.

May God bless Umu Igbo Unite, and may He continue to lead us in His light. 



Thank you,


Nnamdi Akwaja

2018/2019 President, Umu Igbo Unite, Los Angeles

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