K'Anyị Bulie Omenala Anyị Elu!
DATED: 1/14/2020

Dear Members and Supporters of Umu Igbo Unite Los Angeles,


With a new year brings a new season. I would love to thank you all for your continued support of the Igbo diaspora here in LA. It truly warms my heart to see the level of investment in the Igbo culture by our young Igbo professionals. 

I understand the stresses we face as first and second generation Igbos in America desperately trying to hold on to our culture. It’s for that reason that our focus this season will be on how to win as a people in America while showing pride in our heritage. The model for success as an ethnic group is tried and true. We can see examples of this in our successful counterparts. The formula is simple but requires discipline. The change we are looking to see will not be instant, but we must begin somewhere.

The approach is two fold. Trust and Love 


TRUST is what is required for us to work with each other. We can't engage in group economics if we don’t trust each other enough to work together. To set the foundation of group economics for coming generations, we will engage in a series of master classes geared toward the accumulation of wealth. We will learn about case studies and best practices for engaging in group economics in real estate and finance.


LOVE is what’s required to WANT to work together. It is our love for self and love for each other that will create an affinity towards ourselves. That love for self begins at a young age through education about your culture and expose to successful examples of someone like you. To achieve this end we will visit long standing Igbo organizations to thank them for their support, let them know what we are doing in UIU and see how we can be of benefit to them. We will also create spaces for mentorship of our Igbo children to foster self love and identity with Igbo culture.



As we embark on this journey there will be challenges. Nothing worth while was ever easy. So, this too will be a challenge. And, the only way through the challenge, is together. 


My mother always told me that “Cooperation make rice full pot”. So let’s work together and support each other so that we may enjoy the fruits of our efforts. 



Thank you,


Chinedu (Obi) Iloh

2019/2020 President, Umu Igbo Unite, Los Angeles