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K'Anyị Bulie Omenala Anyị Elu!
DATED: 1/15/2021

Dear Members and Supporters of Umu Igbo Unite Los Angeles,

The Executive Board is excited to help serve the General Body this Year.   Last year, the entire world was blindsided by COVID-19 and its life style changes, that we all had to implement. While keeping the ever changing COVID restrictions in mind, we are proud to assure that we will still have exciting events planned that are COVID friendly! We are honored and blessed to be surrounded by talented, innovative, hardworking individuals. The team will do our best to uphold the core values of UIU, such as preserving the Igbo heritage, networking and community outreach.
We look forward to you all joining and enjoying our virtually and live (COVID etiquette of course) events that we have planned for 2021!




Thank you,


Kelsey Chine

2020/2021 President, Umu Igbo Unite, Los Angeles

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