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1.   Every committee has at least one Board member represented.

2.   Minimum number of committee members is 5, to be considered an active committee.

3.   Maximum number of committees a UIU-LA member (or Board member) can be a part of is 2.

4.   Each committee MUST meet as a group at least once every other month. This can be over the phone or in person.

5.   Max number of Committee Leaders is 2.

6.   Anyone can be a Committee Leader (first come, first serve).

7.   You can opt-out of any committee at any time (except the Leaders), however you cannot opt back into a committee you opted out of in the          same UIU-LA calendar year; year is from November through October.

8.   You can opt-into any committee at any time.

9.   Conference call-in number (712) 451-0979. DO NOT USE LINE ON 1ST SUNDAY, 3PM - 9PM.

10. Committee Leaders are expected to provide monthly updates during the General Body Meeting committee report-out section

11. Any committee member can be removed from a committee/committee role following a removal recommendation filed to the Board, and            pending a subsequent Board review and potentially a majority vote by UIU-LA membership after deliberation with the said committee.

Business & Professional Development

Facilitating the professional development of members and target audience.

Cultural Awareness

Promoting the Igbo culture through activities and events that are enriching as well as educative.


Targeted fundraising activities to provide financial sustenance for the Chapter.

Health & Wellness

Targeted activities and programs to help maintain the mind, body, and soul of members and target audience.

Mentorship & Community


Mentorship programs/activities/events and support for volunteer opportunities targeting the at-large LA community, the Igbo/Nigerian LA community and indigenous people in Igbo/Nigerian communities back home.

Mix & Mingle

Promoting networking, social gatherings and relationship building amongst members and target audience.

Marketing & Digital Media

Providing rich digital media and web content support to the committees and chapter, through the application of transformational and innovative social media / marketing strategies or campaigns. 

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