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Uche Chukwu Mee- Paulson Kalu

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and Easter! The CaresTeam hosted a wonderful brunch this past Saturday that was very eventful where we got to enjoy each other's company in-person while playing games, popping champagne, and having great gist. Shoutout to the hosts and CaresTeam!! 👏🏾✨But today we’re taking it old school again with this classic groove. The song is “Uche Chukwu Mee” by Paulson Kalu.

Funfact: Paulson Kalu is a profound Igbo music artist who specialized in the genre of highlife music. He was born in Akanu Ohafia in Abia State Nigeria, in 1940. He had worked under the great Stephen Osita Osadebe. His hit tracks are Okwudili, Ama ndi Anaeze, Uwa Zuru Onye, and Ji Ehele, which displays the unique Ohafia “Iri-ji festival. He is also a traditional chief of Akanu Ohafia.

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